About Growth Map

The seed for The Growth-Map Company was planted in April 2017 with the establishment of the Grow-Leader branch in September 2017.
In the process this has extended to Grow-Project Manager, Grow Staff, Grow Parents and Grow-Youth.
Growth-Map develops exceptional leaders, aids business growth, and enables Parents
and the Youth to become the best versions of themselves.

Time to Grow

grow leader

Grow-Leader, focuses on growing leaders from entry level through to senior executive teams. The services offered are Leadership Development, Public Speaking and Facilitation.

grow parents

Parents today are faced with many challenges that their parents did not have to deal with. We now live in a time where both parents are required to bring in an income to provide for their family.

grow project manager

Project Management is essentially the art of juggling. A juggler often has many objects in the air and needs to focus on each individually to make sure he doesn’t drop one. 

grow stuff

As a business owner you have a responsibility to grow your staff and ignite their ambition. Encouraging your staff and giving them guidance encourages them to strive to be better as well as instilling trust in you.

Providing business leaders with the confidence to make bold changes that lead to long-term sustainable growth,
while simultaneously hitting short-term objectives.

Who are you?

We often live our lives living under others labels of who we are, but do we ever introspectively ask who AM I? Let’s take two simple words and examine them: I AM.

As we look inward, reflect and contemplate what meaning does this have for you and your “Self”. Determining what these words mean to you can be very empowering, become self-aware can help get rid of negative thoughts better self-regulation.

What is a Mind Map?

When the brain was first studied, it was believed that we only use about 10% of our brain’s capacity, leaving vast room to expand the operation of the brain. Recent studies however have discredited this popular opinion. Experts have realized that we in fact use the whole of our brain, different parts of our brain just carry out different functions. We can see this in practice as we look at each hemisphere of the brain. The left side of our brain is the site for storage and analytical side.

About Katherine Bezuidenhout

“I am passionate about people and seeing them develop.”

Katherine is the founder and Managing Director of The Growth Map Company. Katherine is a passionate individual whose aim in life is to turn individuals into leaders through skills development. She is committed to people and companies so that they are able to grow and reach their full potential.

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