Grow-Project Manager

Project Management is essentially the art of juggling. A juggler often has many objects in the air and needs to focus on each individually to make sure he doesn’t drop one. At the same time, he needs to keep an eye on the bigger picture, preparing for the objects that will be falling next and preparing to catch them. Some people have the innate ability to juggling or project management, but this often doesn’t guarantee success. Just as the art of juggling can be taught so can that of project management. Whether you are born with it or not practice and experience will help you master it.

grow project manager

Growth always starts from a foundational level. The basics need to be learned, practiced and mastered before you can move to the next step. Focusing on one or two “balls “at a time will guarantee a strong foundation. The sturdier the foundation, the sturdier the whole. As you move up the ranks in any profession, new skills are learnt and mastered. Once these have been mastered we move up the ladder to something more demanding, which uses our strong foundation for reference and builds onto it. Once sufficient experienced is gained focussing on several areas at once, the next step is into project management. The skills required here are like the master juggler, focus is required on individual items and the bigger picture. Map your growth through experience and the addition of soft skills required from leaders.

Exceptional Project Managers have exceptional leadership skills. As for a business, the success of a project is highly dependent on the quality of the project manager, coupled with the support he/she receives from his/her team and his/her organization. In order to build a cohesive team, the project manager needs to motivate and influence the members of his/her team to meet their goals and achieve project success. The skills and tools of leadership can be learned. (Find out more on our Grow-Leader page.)

When an organization grows exceptional Project Managers the CEO and the executive team can focus on working on the business. As the “CEO” of the project, the Project Manager focusses on working in the business with the line managers to ensure that the project team works effectively and efficiently.
Everyone benefits in this scenario: The company makes money. Risks are identified and managed early by the tactical project team thereby reducing potential losses. Individuals benefit by becoming part of a cohesive team which positively impacts the business performance.

At The Growth Map Company we partner with you to Grow Project Managers empowering them to become exceptional project managers and leaders.