Grow Staff

As a business owner you have a responsibility to grow your staff and ignite their ambition. Encouraging your staff and giving them guidance encourages them to strive to be better as well as instilling trust in you. At The Growth-Map Company we understand that your staff are your most important resource and as such their success is your success. We use many different techniques to improve morale and encourage staff to be more productive.

Development Plans

  • This helps establish goals and gives employees’ direction and guidance.
  • By doing this we are creating future leaders.

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Here we find people in the company who have vast amounts of experience and pair them with a new employee in the same field.
  • This gives the new employee direction.
  • This also shows that you are committed to them and their development in the company.


  • As a third party we bring in expertise and no bias, allowing us to give unswayed opinions.
  • We offer facilitation in = Business Strategy
    – Problem Solving
    – Organizational Design
    – Lessons Learned
    – Process Mapping