Grow Leader

The Growth Map Company, operating as Grow-Leader, focuses on growing leaders from entry level through to senior executive teams. The services offered are Leadership Development, Public Speaking and Facilitation.

Our focus is always on our Client needs and we customize our materials and programmes to suit. We have therefore structured our base programmes such that each module can stand alone, while building on the skills and knowledge learned in other modules.

grow leader

Grow Parents

Parents today are faced with many challenges that their parents did not have to deal with. We now live in a time where both parents are required to bring in an income to provide for their family. Work and Technology have taken the place of quality time and we fail to see the effect that this has on our children

grow parents

Grow Project Manager

Project Management is essentially the art of juggling. A juggler often has many objects in the air and needs to focus on each individually to make sure he doesn’t drop one. At the same time, he needs to keep an eye on the bigger picture, preparing for the objects that will be falling next and preparing to catch them. Some people have the innate ability to juggling or project management, but this often doesn’t guarantee success.

grow project manager

Grow Staff

As a business owner you have a responsibility to grow your staff and ignite their ambition. Encouraging your staff and giving them guidance encourages them to strive to be better as well as instilling trust in you. At The Growth-Map Company we understand that your staff are your most important resource and as such their success is your success. We use many different techniques to improve morale and encourage staff to be more productive.

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Grow Youth

The youth of today are faced with challenges that older generations could never have imagined. An ever changing and fast-pace of the world with vast generational differences add multiple layers to the complexity of their lives.

At The Growth Map Company we believe that our youth need to be nurtured from childhood right through to adulthood, allowing them to grow into the best version of themselves. We believe in a growth mind-set where we grow through what we go through. 

grow youth